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Reviews Of Some Of The Best Home Theater Systems

Yamaha YHT-397 5.1-Channel Home Theater System Features Review and Rating

Yamaha YHT-397 5.1-Channel Home Theater System is another electronic product from Yamaha, and this is pretty much like other products from the manufacturers: they have quality and features. Talking about home theater speaker system, this is one important element that you should have and install when setting up a home theater. The speaker brings you such ultimate family movie time, which is the best and fastest family vacation ever. There are many speaker brands and models you can find, but here we are going to recommend you Yamaha YHT-397 5.1-Channel Home Theater System for the features it has got.

Yamaha YHT-397 Home Theater System

Look, Size, and Weights of Yamaha YHT-397 5.1-Channel Home Theater System

At a glance, Yamaha YHT-397 5.1-Channel Home Theater System might look like ordinary and most speakers –but when you look closely, you will notice that the design is somehow different. From the picture preview, you will also learn that the speaker model comes in grey, instead of in black like most speakers out there. When it is being put horizontally, the overall dimension measurement of Yamaha YHT-397 5.1-Channel Home Theater System is 26.2×16.6×21.8 inches. This is a slightly smaller size than most speakers, so it will suit any home theater room size. The weight is also only 25 pounds.

A detailed look at the Yamaha YHT-397 5.1-Channel Home Theater System

The Key Features

So Yamaha YHT-397 5.1-Channel Home Theater System is a 5.1-channel surround sound speaker with 100W per channel –this is one of the most powerful sound system you would ever find out there. The speaker itself comes with HD Audio format decoding of Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, and also DTS-HD High Resolution Audio. There are at least 4k pass-through, and it is meant for the next generation of high resolution displays. You can connect your portable music player as iPod in this speaker, thanks for the USB ports on the front panel.

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Yamaha YHT-397 5.1 Back PanelOne of the advanced technology equipped inside Yamaha YHT-397 5.1-Channel Home Theater System is its HDMI, particularly HDMI with 3D and also Audio Return Channel. HDMI with 3D here means that this speaker is able to handle 3D signal data, via the HDMI. So in short, you will have the ultimate sound experience when watching latest 3D-featured movies. Another HDMI feature is the CEC, which is mainly purposed for easy operation.

Improved Sound Imaging Yamaha YHT-397 5.1-Channel Home Theater System Offers

The main focus of Yamaha when manufacturing Yamaha YHT-397 5.1-Channel Home Theater System was obviously the sound quality –there are several features that are specifically meant to improve the sound. Besides the HDMI with 3D and Audio features about, this speaker is also equipped with YPAO Sound Optimization. The main purpose of this feature is for automatic speaker setup. To improve the sound imaging, Yamaha YHT-397 5.1-Channel Home Theater System is equipped with subwoofer trim. Basically, the trim control is enhancing the low frequencies on the sound output.

Customer reviews

Yamaha YHT 397 comment 1 review

“This is definitely a better system than most low end home theater in a box systems by the mass market brands with their proprietary cables and chintzy speakers. On the other hand, this is not a super audiophile product, but rather a nice middle ground product that probably fits the needs of most normal consumers.

The set-up is quite simple and the components are products that are sold by Yamaha separately (the sub is almost $100 on Amazon alone and is well rated). I am one of those people who will research things obsessively, and I feel like I can say with confidence that to get something that sounds significantly better than this system, you are likely looking at $600 and up. Some caveats to my appraisal are that I have it set up in a small living room and that I replaced the two front speakers with some higher quality units I had sitting around. Immediately after purchasing the unit (but before receiving it) I had some buyer’s remorse thinking I should have stepped up to the Yht-597 that has a bit more powerful and fuller featured.” Snippet of review by “A. Stephenson”. To read the review in full Click Here


Yamaha YHT 397 comment 2 review

“Installation took about 3 hours and I had my young apprentice electrician son-in-law do it. I could have but he knew what he was doing.

Once installed, it performed exactly like I hoped. We had both gotten the point where we were using subtitles to understand movie dialogue. That is no longer necessary. When at a moderate sound level, the sound is clear and crisp and easily understandable. When turned up for music or action films, the system gives the feeling of being in a theater

This home theater system from Sony has a power output of 1000W, impedance of 8 ohms, FM tuner, 3D capable with pass-through, and one HDMI output. The quality of the audio and visual output of very good, especially for the price you can purchase it for” Snippet of review by “Charles Nefzger”. To read the review in full Click Here

Other specifications.

The YHT-397 Home Theater System provides simple operation, yet includes essential capabilities for high definition home audio video enjoyment, offering popular features like USB input for iPhone and color on-screen display.

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